Catch as catch can wrestling - 'Catch Wrestling'

'Catch as catch can' , from which Catch wrestling got its name, is a Lancashire term for the form of wrestling that was developed in the mining towns in the north of England. Wigan is arguably the Catch wrestling capital. It had spread all over the world and further developed in countries such as the USA. 

Catch wrestling covers all areas of grappling from engaging the opponent, controlling, takedowns, ground wrestling and submissions and pins. Wins in catch wrestling are via pin or submission. Freestyle developed from Catch as Catch Can wrestling, and win can be gained through pin or points.

(image courtesy of the Snakepit copyright 2012)

Our Coach, Mr Roy Wood, trained at the famous Riley's Gym otherwise known as the Snakepit  by some of the wrestlers that trained there because of it's dangerous reputation. The Gym produced famous wrestlers including the likes of Mr Billy Robinson and Mr Karl Gotch both well known for their influence internationally , especially in Japan and America for coaching wrestlers and MMA fighters.

We train in pure authentic Catch wrestling as taught by Billy Riley to our Coach Roy Wood and exactly as passed on by him. Catch wrestling is a complete system in itself, it isn't 'freestyle wrestling' or generic 'submission grappling'. It is pure Catch as Catch can wrestling, and we take great pride in presenting it in its pure form. The techniques you practice at the club will be those same ones passed onto our coach all those years ago.


Coach Roy Wood , also an Olympic wrestling coach , continues the legacy of 'Rileys gym' teaching new generations of wrestlers in freestyle and now also in Catch wrestling . We are extremely lucky to have Roy Wood as our Coach , he is able to draw on his decades of experience in Catch and Freestyle wrestling coaching.

We are one of only two affiliate clubs of the Snakepit gym under Coach Roy Wood in the UK and the only one in Wales. So if you want to learn authentic Catch wrestling , as taught at the famous Rileys Gym (the snakepit) then you know where to come !