Dr Stephen Greenfield MBBCh MRCGP

Steve is a 5th dan blackbelt in the Jinenkan organisation and has trained in traditional Japanese martial arts for over 25 years. He has travelled the world to further his studies, and as a personal student of the head of the Jinenkan organisation regularly travels to Japan to train with his teacher Manaka sensei. He has given many seminars in the UK and Internationally.  He produced many of the DVD's released by the Jinenkan organisation as well as currently co-writing a training manual for the organisation.

He currently trains with Coach Roy Wood in catch wrestling and runs one of only two affiliate clubs to the Snakepit Gym in the UK. 

Steve is the author of a number of books on the traditional Japanese martial arts including 'Takagi Ryu chugokui mokuroku' and helped edit a book on the life of the famous martial artist Takagi Oriemon, founder of the Takagi Yoshin ryu.

Mark De Courcy

Mark has trained in the Jinenkan organisation since 2007. He has attained the rank of Shodan. He also holds a Shodan in Wado ryu Karate and has also trained in WTF Tae Kwon Do. Mark has trained in Europe and Japan with Manaka sensei.

Mark also trains with Steve with their Coach Roy Wood in Catch wrestling on a regular basis , travelling to Wigan to train at the Snakepit gym.